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This journal is now closed and therefore becoming an archive (to preserve my old fanfiction).
As I had told you before, I moved and I have a new super personal LJ now (I will be literally ONLY talking about my life in it, so if you're a fandom buddy and don't care about my school rants, sex life, or travelling adventures, I'd suggest staying in touch over tumblr).
I wanted to just friend you all with it to make it easier but then I realised that not all of you will probably want to continue being LJ friends with me, so let's do it the other way around: You're all welcome at terryliddell
See you on the other side maybe?


because I got upset on the train today and word-vomited. I quite like it, though. It reflects on the events of the summer fairly well. Like I said on tumblr, it ties back to my last poem and there my be more later to tie it all together, IDK yet, poetry writing is a really mysterious thing.

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fic: Rocky Road to Dublin

Title: Rocky Road to Dublin
Rating: R++
Pairings: CrissColfer
Word Count: 6,165
Summary: July 3rd is not just Franz Kafka's birthday any more.
Author's Note: This story is dedicated to Lynne, who sent me a signed copy of The Land of Stories this summer. She is a truly awesome person and one of my favourite buddies in the complicated and over-emotional world of Klaine fandom. Anyway, I told Lynne to prompt me and she requested the aftermath of The Dublin Kiss. And while the "after" comes much more later than anyone (including me) would expect (1 year later, to be exact)... I think that the story makes up for it quite nicely ;).
Big thanks to kahvi for beta-reading and for coaching my wonky English so brilliantly, as usual ;).
Disclaimer:This story never happened. It's a fiction. I made it up. I've never even met the boys. Sadly.

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first autumn poem

things have been very shitty so far this autumn so yeah. it's really short. I wrote in on the train. as usual.

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Title: Breakfast with Snorlax (PokeGlee Verse)
Fandom: Glee x Pokémon
Rating: PG
Pairing: Klaine
Word Count: 2, 039
Summary: Blaine is a Pokémon trainer on his way to the big city. Kurt works as a barista in said city. They meet. There is a Snorlax present.
Notes: Inspired by all the PokéGlee fanart on tumblr.This was supposed to be a onesie, but somehow, I only managed to about dip my toe in this verse. as in, there may be more, if you like. Big hugs and kisses toohmygodstopitfor cheering me on and to smysmaychfor reading it after me and correcting my nonsenses.

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pop culture filled poetry


I've been cheating on poetry with prose. But I'll be back again as soon as autumn creeps in, promised :).

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Title: The Anatomy of a Blueberry
Fandom: The Avengers (2012)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Science Boyfriends (Tony/Bruce)
Word Count: 1,014
Summary: A little study of Bruce and his blooming relationship with Tony Stark. And blueberries.
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